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May 19th, 2008

09:30 pm

Title: Only Human
Chapter:  Three
Warnings: slash, excessive and quite unnecessary use of bad language, will be mention of past abuse, pretty boy love, occasional fluff, occasional drama/hurt etc;
Summary: Casey is just trying to avoid life, not live it. Survival is key, happiness isn't even a secondary consideration. Peter is all about the living, all about making Casey live. Well, he's trying anyways. And Dylan? Mostly he just wants Casey though he's not very good at expressing this ways that don't seem...volatile.

Chapter One.
Chapter Two.
Chapter Three.

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May 12th, 2008

10:34 pm

..so, to be honest I've never posted any sort of fiction at all. But that should not be a deterrent from reading this! And if I've made a grave error in posting here, or in the manner in which I've posted here do inform me and I'll get about rectifying my mistake(s).

Title: Only Human
Chapter:  One
Warnings: slash, excessive and quite unnecessary use of bad language, in chapters to come will be mention of past abuse, pretty boy love, occasional fluff, occasional drama/hurt etc;
Summary: Casey is just trying to avoid life, not live it. Peter is all about the living, all about making Casey live. And Dylan? Mostly he just wants Casey.

...there is an actual plot, it just takes a few short and probably unfabulous chapters before it kicks in. =]

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March 28th, 2008

03:28 pm - Shameless Self Promotion
X Post

Well, I feel I've done my fair share of promo for many other people's books and, since my own novel's been out four years and sales have completely flattened out in the past few months, I thought I'd give it one last push of shameless self-promotion.

[moderator - if this is not allowed here, fe

It's entitled King of Cats and it's about a closeted British rock musician living on NY's Lower East Side and his troubled relationships with the two men in his life. You might enjoy it if you're looking for something contemporary, but dark and a bit different.

Back Cover BlurbCollapse )

What the Critics Have SaidCollapse )

Excerpt The BargainCollapse )

If you want to check out my Amazon reviews or (bless you) order the book, here's a link:

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March 2nd, 2008

10:14 pm - Dichotomy Book 2 Chapter 16
I posted a while back, but then havent' been posting regularly. However, if you like teh story you can find them all at our live journal.

This is the next chapter of Dichotomy. A story in which two people, one wiht mental power and one with Physical power are thrown together and must learn to deal with one another. Adrian (Physical power) is legally the property of Kier (mental power), but emotionally he's his own person. Read the story of how these two deal wiht one another and a society determened to keep things the way they are...

On to Chapter 16 of Book two

There will be 3 books in total. There are only 3 more chapters left of book 2.
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February 20th, 2008

03:15 pm - [Original - Vampires] Nightfall F/F

This story WILL be finished, it's not one of those "start and never finish" things, just we have a few other projects so delays on posting will happen.

However, if you like vampires, and like girl vampires mackin on other girl vampires, or soon to be vampires, then this is the story for you! It's a bit different than your average Vampire story, for one, there's onone named Armand or Lucien, and for two this is my OWN version of vampires. So if things seem a little off to the mythos you like, that's probably why

Title: Nightfall
Author: Fading Madness Productions (Rebecca & Cassandra)
Rating: Pg-13
Website: Http://FadingMadness.net
Summary: Summary: Chicago, 1893: When I escaped the secrets and shadows of New Orleans' narrow streets, I never thought I would find a taste of the darkness in Chicago . . . or that it would be in the form of such perfection.

Chapter One: Strange as the Thing I Know Not

Chapter Two: As You May Take Upon a Knife's Point

Chapter Three: I Have No Other But a Woman’s Reason

PS: If you read it, review it, even if it's to say "Nice" or point out a typo (and don't just say "It had typos" actually give us the typo). Reviews let us know that someone out there still likes the story.

PPS: This story is X-posted to a few communities. My intention isn't to spam your LJ-friends list, but to get our name out there and story out there for others to read, so if you get this in your LJ a few times, my apologies.

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June 30th, 2007

11:15 am - Nightfall (F/F Vampire story)

I'm Cassandra, one half of the Fading Madness duo. We usually do male-slash, but as we're equal opportunity, we've decided to write a F/F story. This is a Vampire story that's not a typical vampire story (For one, no one is named Armand or Lucian). It's a romance between two women who were at different points in their lives and happened to come together by mistake. One vampire, and one actress with extrodinary talent.

(I'm not the writer, so forgive the weird intro)

Title: Nightfall
Author: Fading Madness Productions
Rating: Pg-13
Warnings: Language, some violence, some eroticism, vampirism, femmeslash
Summary: Chicago, 1893: When I escaped the secrets and shadows of New Orleans' narrow streets, I never thought I would find a taste of the darkness in Chicago . . . or that it would be in the form of such perfection.

Category: Supernatural, Romance, Humor

"Although I’m an utter and hopeless romantic, I don’t believe in love at first sight"

ALso, if you have been reading Dichotomy, no worries it's not over yet. You can read the updated chapters at the website at Http://Dichotomy.Fadingmadness.net Or of course at the actual LJ which is http://community.livejournal.com/fadingmadness

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January 19th, 2007

06:10 pm
Gah! Neglect, neglect! I haven't posted here in ages, all's been quiet for over a month... Therefore I propose a challenge. As of yet this is a one-off, just to get the posts flowing, but depending on response, I suppose I could try and make it vaguely regular . . .
Here goes anyway (format has been stolen from partofthequeue2 who runs a Robin Hood and State Within comm who apparently stole said format from someone else ¬.¬)

A. Use Death Cab for Cutie titles for inspiration.

B. Use the word 'variety' and/or 'impressed' and/or 'perfection' [selected by a random word generator]

C. Use these lyrics for inspiration:

Home's face: how it ages when you're away
Spring blooms and you find the love that's true
But you don't know what now to do
'Cause the chase is all you know
And you stopped running months ago

And all you see is where else you could be When you're at home
And out on the street Are so many possibilities to not be alone

The flames and smoke climbed out of every window
And disappeared with everything that you held dear
But you shed not a single tear for the things that you didn't need
'Cause you knew you were finally free

Your heart is an Empty Room - Deathcab for Cutie

D. Write or draw about (a) 'bay' - be it the leaf, the sound (of a dog or wolf, say), the colour or "a stretch of coastline that curves inwards".

Go for it :)

N.B. I myself may not be able to respond until about this time next week at least, as I have a crapload of upcoming work looming ominously :(
But enjoy all the same!

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December 5th, 2006

12:17 pm - Dichotomy Book 2: Chapter 3: Wynn
Once again, please think of these chapters as a second draft. When Book Two is complete, we will go back and do a clean up of the story thus far, just like we did with Book One. This is especially true of Book Two: Chapter Two, which we realize is somewhat uneven at present. Thanks!

Fading Madness Productions
Website: Dichotomy (fully updated)

Book Two: Chapter Three: WynnCollapse )
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November 7th, 2006

12:15 pm - Dichotomy Book 2 Chapter two
This is unedited due to our editor not getting back to us, but I only sent it to him a few days ago so we'll forgive him.

Title: Dichotomy
Author: Fading Madness Productions
Rating: Nc-17 (Slash, M/M)
Comments & Crit: Absolutly! If you notice an inconsistancy or something that is just plain bothering you, please let us know. Flamers need not apply.
Website: Dichotomy Only
Summery: In the world of Helmriche, the telepathic Miltsians can own the physically empowered Cildisc Companions. One Miltsian never wanted such an "honor," and one Companion doesn't have the personality to be owned. When society throws them together, they have to deal with each other, and Helmriche.

Here's also the chapter image for Book 2 Chapter 1 (with no feet, cause I SUCK at feet)

Book two, Chapter two
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October 31st, 2006

08:14 pm - FREE PORN !!!

Only kidding, but I've always wanted to write that heading. I think it's the definitive internet title.

Been a long time since I've been in here. I've been feng shui-ing (not a comfortable word, that) all my various blogs, web sites etc, clearing them out in preparation for Volume 2 of my book, DANNY, coming out.

Partly in honour of the occasion, partly as it's the festive celebration of Halloween, but mostly because it is Danny - our hero's - birthday today, Poison Pixie is offering, for a limited time only, a great big fat FREE excerpt, 295 pages long, from DANNY Volume 1.

That's the first third of the book and longer than some authors' full-length works. It is also longer than the first (1998?) Citron edition of the book.

The downside is I am more or less on borrowed time here. Unless it proves its worth as a marketing tool to encourage new readers it's coming right back off again.

So run. Run now. Get it quick, while it's still legal.

Go over to the temporary website (I apologise for the lack of juicy substance on here – Mr Scratchmann is working on it even as we speak) and download your free mini-version of DANNY right HERE. Turn off your doorbell and settle down for a good Halloween read. Maybe by candlelight.

If, after you read it, you have no urge to find out what happens next that's fine. You must seek enlightenment elsewhere. But if you get hooked (and it gets a whole lot more addictive and warped in the other two-thirds) then tootle off back to Poison Pixie where you can treat yourself to a copy and read the rest of it.

Here's hoping I can drag you over to the dark side

Have a lovely Halloween. Speak to you all later.

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