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The Hunt - Ch1 (vampire fiction) - Slash Sins

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June 16th, 2008

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08:37 pm - The Hunt - Ch1 (vampire fiction)
Title: The Hunt (WIP)
Author: eles_cave
Genre: Fantasy/Vampire Fiction/Adventure
Rating: NC-17
Summary of The Hunt: River, a young half-Japanese, is on his way to becoming a professional beast hunter. During one of his jobs, he meets Andreji, an older, somewhat mysterious man. They get intimate, and River hopes that Andreji will accept him as an apprentice. However, before anything can be settled, River and a few fellow beast hunters step into a trap...

With a dump thud, the wolf that had made a huge dart at him seconds before fell to the ground. River had pumped a good portion of bullets into his brain. For a second, he had thought it was over. He had underestimated the beast and had turned his back on it as it had lain dying (or so he had thought) with a bullet in its chest, just to hear something move behind him and turn back around to face the bared teeth of the wolf.

Wolves were a simple job, generally speaking. There was nothing supernatural about them; they only tended to run rampant when a werewolf was near – of that beast his colleagues took care right now. River had just been ordered to clean up the trail the supernatural beast entailed. He had taken the job too easy, had even been disappointed that he was not allowed to take part in the main hunt. Two years he was a beast hunter now, and still he was kept away from the really interesting missions. It upset him.

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Hello everyone!
Despite having major problems with my PC right now, I am starting to post my fiction here. So far, I have been sharing it on aarinfantasy and other pages, but I thought I might give LJ a try... ;)
Tips, praise, fair criticism or just a shy 'hello' are always welcome :D.

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